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GPHS students take home top honors at SkillsUSA Oregon

GPHS students take home top honors at SkillsUSA Oregon

Congratulations to our talented students from Grants Pass High School who recently competed and placed at the Oregon SkillsUSA competition! 

Mobile Robotics

Nolan Allen and Spencer Fall, 2nd 

Culinary Arts

Selena Turnbull, 4th

Baking and Pastries

Aubrey Porto, 6th

General Welding

Bruxton Leair, 1st (National Qualifier)

Team Welding

Owen Hull, Mason Sheard, Ari Huber-Kantola, 1st (National Qualifier)

GTAW: Aluminum Tig Welding

Bruxton Leair, 1st

Matt Rieman, 2nd

SMAW: Stick Welding

Hayden Olivares, 1st

Owen Hull, 2nd

Alexia Hill, 5th 

FCAW: Flux Core/Dual Shield

Owen Hull, 1st

Ari Huber-Kantola, 2nd

Hayden Olivares, 3rd

Mason Sheard, 4th

Matt Rieman, 5th

Cole Calleja, 6th


Cole Calleja, 5th

SkillsUSA is a national organization that helps students develop career and technical skills through competitions and other programs. Learn more at SkillsUSA