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Academic Planning

Plan & Profile

The Plan and Profile is a digital worksheet for you to keep track of what courses you would like to take over four years at GPHS. It is available for you to update anytime. It is also a great conversation starter with parents.

Class Registration is only open for a limited time each spring during which time students may request the courses they would like to take for the next school year. We use these requests to create the Master Schedule for the following school year, and to schedule the student into individual classes.

How to Create Your Plan and Profile

Step 1: Log in to PowerSchool.
Step 2: Under Navigation, click "Plan & Profile."
Step 3: Click "Educational Profile."

  • Submit up to three different career plans.
  • Select a Post-Secondary Plan.
  • Select a High School Pathway.
  • Submit.

Step 4: Click "Four Year Planner."
Step 5: Load your planner for each year.

  • The Sample Path on the Right Side will help!
  • Make sure Total Credits is 7 for each academic year.

Step 6: Click the submit button when you have 7 credits loaded.
Step 7: Click "My Four-Year Plan."
Step 8: Follow your four-year plan when registering for classes.